:: Booking Your Wedding Florist :: Am I the right fit for you?

Some helpful answers to many of your questions to help you make a decision.


Q.  How long have you been designing Wedding Flowers?

A.  I have over 10 years experience in the Wedding Industry.  I managed a retail flower shop in Burlington for 6  years which ignited my passion, and where I perfected my skills for floral design.  I started my own business after much consideration, with my passion & love for designing a brides flowers driving me to go out on my own and do things my way!


Q.  How far in advance does a Bride book her Wedding Flowers?

A.  I have had bookings as much as a year and a half in advance.  Typically a good time to start looking for a florist, getting a quote and sitting down for a consultation is 6-9 months prior to your date. 


Q.  What information should you provide your florist with for an accurate quote?

A.  In order for me to give you accurate and detailed pricing I need to know the style of your wedding and the number in your wedding party.  The number of ceremony & reception flowers you need and finally the specific flowers you want included in these arrangements.  Most importantly...your Wedding Date :)


Q.  If my date is close to or on a holiday, will this effect the cost of the flowers?

A.  Yes it definitely will as flower stem prices increase during holiday seasons.  My wholesale costs increase, which effects your bottom line.  So take that into consideration when creating yourself a budget.  Valentine's Day is an obvious one, however Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter & Thanksgiving are other holidays that may increase flower stem prices. 


Q.  Does colour effect cost? 

A.  The colour of the flowers you choose is everything in Wedding Flowers, it is a direct extension of your theme/style.  It will only effect the cost if it is colours of the holiday.  for instance if you want deep purple, reds & orange flowers around thanksgiving your cost can go up considerably.  Red around Valentine's Day & Christmas, yellow & pink in the spring and at times specific flowers increase in cost.  All of these factors are taken into consideration at the time of your quote. 


Q.  I have been spent some time on pinterest & etsy looking at countless bouquets and styles of flowers.  Do you want me to send these pictures to you or bring them with me when we meet?

A.  Yes!  I need to see what inspires you, what types of flowers you want, what style is you and the overall look and feel of your wedding day.  It makes providing a quote so much easier when I can get a visual.  I can create any design you love!


Q.  What style do you specialize in or love to design?

A.  I don't have a speciality really, however I do love the rustic garden & elegant country styles.  I love arranging flowers as though they were hand picked from the fields.  I love romantic flowers that are soft and full and I love texture!   


Q.  How many weddings do you design in a year?

A.  Last year was definitely a crazy season, with over 30 weddings.  Each year varies and I only book 1 wedding per date (usually per weekend)  as I want to give you 100% of my focus and attention. 


Q.  What types of arrangements do you design?

A.  I design bouquets, bouts/corsages, altar arrangements for the church or any ceremony venue and table centerpieces for your reception.  I typically provide décor for down the aisle and the head table. 


Q.  How much should my budget be for flowers?

A.  My costs are very competitive and the average cost of a wedding is $1000.  Your package will be customized to what arrangements you require and where you want flowers. I always keep your budget in mind and strive to design a wedding that is both beautiful and affordable.


Q.  How do I book with you?

A.  After we have a consultation and draft you up a contract, all you have to do is place a deposit - usually 20% down to secure your date. 



Now simply call me or email jen@luvwithflowers.com to get your wedding flowers started!!