:: LOVE from a friend! The 'Elizabeth in Love' kind! xoxo ::

As a wedding florist I rely on beautiful professional shots to showcase my bouquets!  No amount of 'selfies' can compete with the eye of an amazing photographer and a great digital camera.  Over the years and many weddings I have been blessed with so many friendly & easy going photographers that offer me shots of how they captured our clients Wedding Day.  So when I wanted a banner to highlight some of my designs, I asked my friend Beth Kaye :)

She is so crazy busy...but without hesitation and a few photos (many of them hers) she created these banners for me!! 


elizabeth in love flower banner1


A special thanks to Elizabeth in Love Photography ::  Kendra Ruth Photography ::  Everlee Photography ::  Lori Studios Photography ::  JF Hannigan Photography ::  Amy Jean Photography ::  Jayme Van Geest Photography ::  Miller Ellis Photography ::